Saturday, 27 June 2009

Leaving Holland

After Antony left Holland in October last year I could not have predicted the last months in Holland would be like they were. Stressful, frustrating, lonely, very busy, emotional and wonderful at the same time. Leaving my country and the people I love and worked with behind, made me realize how lucky I actually am and have been. The opportunities I was given in life, the lovely people around me and the great friendships. In one way it made it harder to leave, but with all those lovely friends and family, in Holland and New Zealand, supporting me, made me stronger. So on 12 February I emigrated to the other side of the world to finally start my life with Antony, my great love. Without him, I would be lost, in Holland or anywhere in the world. So I did what I needed to do and I succeeded after lots of hassles. My application for Residency has just been accepted and I’m officially allowed to stay in New Zealand as long as I want!

It was good to spend X-mas with my family in Holland, even though it was without Antony. I’ve spend the last 4 X-masses in New Zealand, so the Dutch candlelight and X-mas diner was nice for a change..;-). A few weeks before I left, the weather decided to give me a goodbye present and gave me the great opportunity to go ice-skating. The best trip was Kinderdijk with Jorien and Maarten. Amazing to ice skate along all those beautiful windmills!


Two of my friends give birth to their newborn in the 2 weeks before my departure, which resulted in a trip to Paris with my mum to meet young Julien and a trip to Amersfoort to see the lovely Marieke. Unfortunately Ruben decided he was not ready to leave the belly of his mum Corine before my departure. I will have to wait till August to see him in real life.

Saying goodbye to my sisters and best friends was hard, but luckily my parents decided to bring me out and accompany me during the trip to New Zealand. We had a good 3 weeks with a trip to the Bay of Islands, our NZ engagement party, family visits, picking a orange car for me, lovely outside dinners and quality time with them. After they left it was time to start my new life in a new country.



  1. Yes everything when we are leaving is too hard to face, but God is there to open new doors with lots of new friends and relatives at new place.

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